What is Kokoro?

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A Holistic Perspective

We believe in organization and management techniques that can meet the challenges and demands of a globalized economy in a way that brings about success without high-stress, inflexible work environments, and disconnected expectations. Many top organizations have already begun to re-organize their processes around new processes based on recent research in many areas of science and health.

The holistic practices and perspectives involved in “Kokoro at Work” allows us to function at our full capacity, so we become highly motivated and connected, which brings about enhanced performance and productivity, that leads to personal, as well as organizational growth. When we thrive and grow as individuals, we can bring about both personal and organizational well-being.

This blog provides information and guidelines for growth and well-being that relinquishes old and out-of-date thinking to support our network of trainers and clients in creating new practices and perspectives for success.

So…what is “Kokoro“?


In many Asian cultures, there is a concept of heart-mind-body that is holistic in thought, as well as language, that does not exist in many European cultures or languages. In the English language, for example, these concepts are clearly delimited in separate words that do not exist in many Asian languages.

Kokoro” is a Japanese word (see image) and concept that is the centre of the inner-self, the mind, as well as the heart and body. The systems of the brain are well documented in neuroscience as intimately connected to different organ systems in our body that support our physiological and mental well-being. Therefore, if we activate the heart, as well as the body-mind and maintain a lifestyle with healthy attitudes and behaviours we can minimize or eliminate illness, stress, and anxiety along with all the toxic imbalances they create in many areas of our lives.

In short, this means being mindful every day, along with committing to continuous learning and development that is not just for the mind, but for the body and the heart as well, fueling the whole process by consuming the best ingredients we can manage that fit in with our beliefs and values.