20150419_elle.jpgElle Ellis Schiemer is an academic and associate consultant at RMA International who also contributes to the Workplace Thought of the Day blog.

Elle holds a master’s degree in professional communication from Royal Roads University in Canada and has worked/lived in Japan, the UK & Ireland, the USA, Australia, Ghana and Egypt for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) as well as government and private industry. Elle has put the knowledge and experience gained from working on five continents across five decades into a series of workshops, talks and seminars helping professionals boost their heart-mind-body connection through her kokoro at work series to expand thinking, boost productivity while learning to enjoy life more.

Elle is also involved in a research PhD project with a university Australia that investigates how leveraging mobile technology can improve opportunities for economic growth for marginalised people. Elle is committed to facilitating personal development in ways that fit in with core values and beliefs, to achieve professional goals.