Inspirational Science

It’s scientific! Diets don’t work, as per 10 year study recently published in the journal Eating Behaviors (Kärkkäinen et al., 2018). In fact the study discovered that dieting can actually cause weight gain in the long run as people think there is a quick fix to their obesity issues. Eating is more complicated than just diet and exercise though. Eating is impacted by your kokoro in that your mental health and emotions can impact your eating habits and well being. So the big take-away message from the research is that you are better off just eating the best you can as often as you can by eating seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables to your hearts content, then adding everything else in moderation, but avoiding added sugars. Eat a variety of foods with the highest nutritional value you can and eat regularly.

In addition, remember to take care of your  heart and mind as well as your body with fresh air and movement as daily habits to mitigate depression and improve your general wellbeing. Thinking of how your whole system benefits from the foods you eat can help remember that your whole system also impacts what you eat. By taking care of your kokoro, you will find that you can naturally avoid the type of situations that commonly lead to binge eating or cravings and skipping meals.

Embrace a simple life, take care of your kokoro and avoid strife!

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